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Who We Are

The Fund for Inclusive Prosperity is a UK Charity established in 2014 with the aim of supporting movements that engage leaders across business, government and civil society to make business more equitable, sustainable and inclusive. We believe firmly that this can be achieved through business and investment practices that extend the opportunities and benefits of our economic system to everyone.

The Fund is supported solely by charitable donations from different organisations who believe in our mission and we are very honoured by their support.


The Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism exists to foster and support the adoption of a more Inclusive Capitalism to ensure that everyone - all stakeholders, not just shareholders - derive benefits from business. Since the financial crisis of 2008, a significant debate has begun about how to improve capitalism so that it creates long-term value that sustains human endeavour without harming the stakeholders and broader environment critical to its success.

Inclusive Capitalism is a movement that seeks to respond to the serious dislocations caused by developments in the capitalism of the last 30 years: worldwide increases in income inequality, large-scale corporate and financial scandals and the fraying of public trust in business, historically high and persistent unemployment and short-term approaches to managing and owning companies.


We are very honoured to have the support of several institutions who share our vision and who are willing to help back the movements we deem important.